About Us

Mission Statement

picture_3s (30K)The mission of PAORP-VWC is to research, organize, support, expand and strengthen the activities of Human Rights Organisations, women and youth groups to work to achieve Human Rights of the minority population through the emancipation and empowerment of women and youths within their communities.

This will be done by, providing them desired services and representing their interest with the governments as well as national and international organizations.

Goals of PAORP.VWC

  • To create a safer environment for women and children to live and enjoy their human rights values like any other human being.
  • Lobby with traditional authorities and policy makers to end all forms of violence and discrimination militating against women and children.
  • Research on development and root causes of violence and discrimination on minority groups within our target communities.
  • Empower women and children as partners in community development.
  • Integrate women and gender in the development process of target communities.
  • Fight to alleviate poverty among our target vulnerable groups of women and children through capacity building promotion of income generating projects and better health practices.
Objectives of PAORP-VWC
  • Conduct Research on human rights issues.
  • Build capacities of community stakeholders on issues related to human rights and conflict management
  • Promote programs on women and children's health.
  • Work against human trafficking of women and children.
  • picture_8s (30K)Research and support Projects meant at developing the economic potentials of women and children.
  • Conduct seminars/training on issues related to women and children
  • Lobby for funds from international bodies to support women and children activities within their communities.
  • Place local and international volunteers on programs of human rights and development within target communities.
  • Organise workshops/conferences meant at promoting peace and co-existence within target communities
  • Carry-out sensitization programs within communities on children's rights to education and other facilities to promote their hidden talents.
  • Undertake sound environmental Projects aimed a protecting the environment, such as managing water catchments, carrying our proper waste disposal and tree planting projects as means of labour saving techniques for women and children.
  • Provide welfare services to women and youths with assistance from local and foreign agencies.
  • Lobby with traditional and governmental agencies for the eradication of discriminatory laws and practices against women.

With many years of staff experiences in the field of complex humanitarian emergency across Africa, PAORP-VWC is created to intervene where other organisations may not dare because of the complexity of the crisis.

We work using gender sensitive participatory approaches to obtain sustainable solutions to our core values.

Activities of PAORP-VWC

  • PAORP-VWC works in all domains where discrimination and abuse against women and children is taking place.
    To combat this societal ill, the organization indulges itself in series of research and facts-finding mission to be able to identify and lobby for immediate solutions to all causes of violence, abuses and discrimination militating against women and children.

  • PAORP-VWC is human right research and development oriented organization and supports agricultural activities in all its forms. Such agricultural activities include food/cash crop production, fishery, bee keeping, and animal husbandry all meant at providing additional income and good nutrition practices to women and children. Our intervention in this domain is also to see into it that worst forms of child labour abuse should be eradicated within this sector. In order to combat poverty especially in the rural areas and among women, PAORP-VWC promotes income generating activities through the support of industry, trade, craft, small businesses, credit facilities/revolving fund and ensure proper health and nutrition of women and children.

  • PAORP-VWC also takes part in development programs and projects. Its covers women in development projects or programs geared towards developing the disabled and vulnerable members of the population. Still in the line of development, PAORP-VWC also supports and carries out research especially at the grassroots, to identify development problems make suggestions or solved them in close collaboration with community stakeholders. To ensure effective and equitable participation by all in the development process and to guarantee autonomy of women and children, PAORP-VWC carries out education and training programs with community members especially women/youth groups as well as conduct management and capacity building programs with affiliated groups.