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International Women's Day 2010 Celebration in Tamale Northern Ghana

Event Theme or Title: Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all

The event we are organizing tie with the theme of this year International Women's Day 2010. The event will include exhibition of Women craft/ talents and other important goods and services, a conference, musical concerts featuring female artists and street float (March pass) of women groups with display of placards advocating for their rights and prize award to women groups taking part in the celebration. Street float (March pass) will take place on Monday 8th March 2010.

The event is meant at creating more awareness within the Northern region of Ghana on the important role a woman can play in the socio-economic and political development of the region and the country. This is because harmful traditional practices within this part of Ghana discriminate seriously against women and regard women as second class citizens and baby factories. We are organizing this event to lobby and advocate for equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all within the Northern region of Ghana whereby women will be regards as important partners in all development initiatives of the region.

Download agenda for the event here.

Global Women's Water Initiative Partner with PAORP-VWC Ghana to Implement Women Water Management Programs in Northern Ghana.

Nadiatu photo (49K)

West African Women and Water Training:

PAORP-VWC Ghana has been selected by Global Women's Water Initiative to be one of its implementing partners in Baare community in Upper East region of Ghana. The Global Women's Water Initiative is a joint effort of different organizations, each strongly committed to the leadership of women and their human right to clean water and thriving lives. This is the second African Women and Water Training; therefore our participation will be continuing the legacy of women water keepers throughout Africa. .

Following the training in Accra, our participants, Mrs. Nadiatu Ali and Ms. Victoria Boapok Yaro will be supported with seed money by the Global Women's Water Initiative to take what they have learned and implement tangible, needed water projects within our target communities. One of the important aspects of this partnership is that it will create a network of women committed to each other's success.

Nadiatu photo (49K)

The training in Accra, Ghana is from 23 February to 3 March and is not a regular conference. This is a unique training that involves classroom learning, group work, and hands-on construction of water technologies such as rainwater harvesting systems, solar cookers and Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) toilets. The training is meant to support them to obtain tangible skills and tools that will enable them take leadership in addressing water issues within our target local communities in Northern Ghana.

In view of this PAORP-VWC will as from March 2010 need volunteers specialized in water management programs to join our team for us to design and deliver quality training on water harnessing, treatment and management within our target communities of Northern Ghana.

Please write to us on or download our volunteer application forms found on our volunteer page of this website and return it to us for consideration.

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