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Development Aid, NGO Work and Poverty Reduction in Africa A case study of Ghana and Cameroon

Upcoming research to be conducted in Ghana and Cameroon from March - June 2010.

Interested Researchers needed urgently now as volunteers (No fee to be charged) to carry out this research in close collaboration with researchers of PAORP-VWC Ghana and Cameroon offices.

We are to carry out a very important research in the three Northern Regions of Ghana and the North West Region of Cameroon as from March- June 2010. The research will be under the title "Development Aid, NGO Work and Poverty Reduction in Africa" A case study of Ghana and Cameroon.

Volunteers are needed for this work to be undertaken and published latest June 2010. The research will centre on the impact of development aid in poverty reduction and what impact has NGOs achieved to improve on the livelihood of rural population especially women and children within the three Northern Regions of Ghana and the North West Region of Cameroon.

Local and International NGOs, governmental bodies and interested persons wishing to assist towards the realisation of this research should contact us using our email address or our postal address and phone numbers which you can find on our contact us page of this website.

For many years till now lot of local and international aid packages from donors and local governments have been channelled towards poverty eradication projects in most rural communities of Africa, however the contrast seems to be that the livelihood of the people such aid is meant to improve upon seems not to be changing. Some of the target communities where lots of aid packagers have been pump into seem to be "marking time". Some of them are even worst off with women and children as victims of circumstances.

The great question of the day is

  • Why has development aid to poorer communities not impacted much on their livelihood?
  • Has some or most of this aid packages well planned and disbursed timely when in need?
  • Are those responsible for implementing development aided projects meeting up with the expectations of the rural masses?
  • Are the rural masses in Africa receiver of aid or beneficiaries of aid?
  • Who is responsible for the stagnant position witness in most of the rural communities of Africa where lot of aid packages has been pumped into by donors?
  • What lessons has government, local and International NGOs and donors learnt from this draw back?
  • What strategies need to be taken to correct this from happening again so that African countries may meet up with the set down Millennium Development Goals by 2015?

This and more will be investigated by the researcher when conducting and analysing the research from selected target communities within Ghana and Cameroon. We will publish our findings in June 2010. The result gotten from the research will help us plan our interventions in rural communities well. It will also help governments of both countries to determine the extent of their interventions and policies; it will be an eye opener for donors and NGOs to adjust their various strategies etc.

Join us now to make this happen in 2010 by expressing your interest to be part of the team or assist us financial and materially to meet up with this research.

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