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Global Fund for Women USA and PAORP-VWC Ghana (partnership)

Collaboration with Global Fund for Women USA has been reached today 04/01/2010 in which they have approved funding to enable us implement a project title

"Improving Basic Education for Girls in Northern Ghana"
Take Care of Me Today and I will Help You Tomorrow

The funding is part of what we need to advance education for some selected 200 young girls within the three Northern Regions of Ghana for 5 years. Join Global Fund for Women and PAORP-VWC today and push this project to meet with its' intended goals. Make a grant donation to us using our bank details on our website or contact us for details and updates on this project. You can read more about this project by visiting our Future Project page of this website and figure out our how best you can be of help to this project and more.

Volunteers needed for this project NOW

We have just received funding from Global Fund for Women USA to implement a project meant at improving basic education for young girls in schools in Tamale and Bolgatanga of Northern Ghana. Part of the project is to train young girls who have never been to school or have drop out from school and learning tailoring as a trade in Tamale. Volunteers are needed for this project which is to kick off as from February 2010. All volunteers must have to meet up with conditions listed on the volunteer page of this website. Please not that our volunteer positions are always free. However we always encourage our volunteers to be part of our projects by fundraising the sum of 550 in advance to donate to any of our human right project of their choice once they arrive our head office in Ghana. At the moment we need money to construct Pan African Youth Vocational Training Centre in Bolgatanga Ghana. This project has been approved for material funding of tools and machinery by Tools for Self Reliance UK.

Volunteers will be involved in teaching Basic English and Mathematic to young girls from selected tailoring workshops in Tamale. Some of them will be teaching in schools where some of the girls we are funding are schooling.

How to Apply

Download application form here


Date: 25Th- 27th Jan.2010 at Tamale. Venue to be disclosed before start date of training

Training Objective

To impart proposal writing, fundraising and project management skills to program officers in development organizations.

Participation fee per participant:

100 Ghana Cedi (excluding accommodation and transportation).

Training Justification

Development organizations depend on fundraising skills and efforts to survive. In the absence of good ideas and skilled proposal development staff, most organizations and their programmes cannot survive for long. Public perceptions about the excesses and big consumerism by the NGOs and the United Nations Staff is only a mirage to thousands of struggling organizations that contribute immensely to illiteracy, poverty and disease reduction. The truth of the matter is that programme and fundraising officer's work tirelessly to keep their organizations afloat. In the absence of good ideas, effective fundraising skills and strategies most organizations will not grow and collapse in the formative years. The key most important skill that an organization must have is an effective fundraising manager. Fund raising in the development sector is a very competitive and equally labour intensive. CBOS/ NGOs like businesses must therefore market themselves and have innovative and effective strategies for success. During the fundraising activities, there are key skills and tips that programme officers must learn to win grants especially in the call for proposals.

Organizations grow when they master the art of proposal development and project management thereby attracting more grants. Program officers and leaders of NGO/ CBO need to appreciate that proposal writing and fundraising is an art that must be mastered. No mater the good intention and the vision of the NGO and CBO founders may have, the driving force for the organization is proposal writing, fundraising and effective project management skills. Most donors funding programmes in the region are already concerned about exit strategies and sustainability for many projects under implementation. One of the ways to guarantee sustainability is capacity building in the project management and fundraising area as funds have become very competitive. Donors and organizations must invest in fundraising skills for their staff in the short and long term as part of the project sustainability plan.

Program officers attending the training will get hands on skills in the following areas;

1. Project Design and Proposal Writing

2. Work Plan Development

3. Budget Development

4. Fundraising and Networking

5 Media mobilization in Development Work

Happy Xmas and New Year to all of you. Make the year 2010 a New Start for a New Life in all your activities.

How to Apply

Download application form here

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