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picture_4s (33K)The following research programs were carried out by the organisation to help in the formulation of programs to meet up with the priority needs of target communities.

A team of researcher from the organisation went into the field and collaborated with community members made up of policy makers, traditional authorities, youth group, women groups, governmental and Non Governmental bodies to find out the root causes of problems affecting women and children within the Northern Regions of Ghana.

To meet our intended objectives for this exercise the group from May to June 2008 administered questionnaires specially designed to gather adequate information on what will help in the design of projects. They also conducted face-to-face interviews, focus group discussion, and literature review to better analyse the present socio-economic and political situation of our target communities. Below are some of the topics covered by our recent research/survey.

  • Trafficking of women and children: Causes, methods and routes used by traffickers in Northern Regions of Ghana.
  • Child Labour Abuse. Its impact on children lives.
  • The Role of Queen Mothers and Chiefs wives in Conflict mediation in Northern Regions of Ghana.
  • The role of Queen mothers in regaining lost women's rights in Ghana.
  • The impact of tradition in promoting domestic violence affecting women and children.
  • Working to review questionable traditional values militating against women and Children. The way forward in modern development.
  • The Impact of HIV/AIDS on rural productivity in Dalung District Tamale.
  • The Impact of HIV/AIDS on rural productivity in Sandema, Sumbrumgu, and Bolgatanga Districts of Upper East Region of Ghana.
  • More than Ten Years of training young girls on tailoring skills. Does this help to empower them economically to be independent and free from violence and abuse by men?
  • Improving the nutrition level of malnourished women and children in the Tolon/Kumbungu District of Northern Ghana.
  • The politics behind violence on women accused of witchcraft in Ghana.

picture_4s (33K)For the first time in the lives of some women groups in Northern Region of Ghana, they were made aware that the world has set aside some days to honour women for their contributions in shaping the lives of mankind.

The role of women can never be under estimated when it comes to improving the livelihood of families and the entire communities.

This is why PAORP-VWC staff in collaboration with some selected women group organised series of educative talks meant at reducing all forms of violence on women and children within the Northern Region of Ghana.

Women groups were also educated to constantly make it as a duty to get themselves organise in celebrating the International Day of Women on every 8th March each year and the International Day of Rural Women celebrated on every 15 October yearly. Their involvement in these celebrations will help to bring their grievances to light so as to combat all forms of discrimination melted on them by their male counterparts.

From December 2008 till Feb 2009, PAORP-VWC has been continuing with its research program which is our corner stone in identifying the problems of violence and under development within our target communities. Apart from the ongoing research program on the field, we have been involved in the following activities to meet up with our intended objectives.

Our Awareness creation on the plight of the street children has been intensified with series of meetings and lobbying taking place with policy makers, traditional chiefs and family heads within our target communities to encourage parents to take responsibility in the education of their children especially the girl child as future leaders of Ghana.

During the Christmas week of 2008 we handed over to some girls and boys of Morning Star Orphanage School, Tamale school bags, books some writing materials and Christmas presents to enable them meet up with their educational demands and celebrate the Christmas in a grand style. This was initiated as a move to encouraged parents to see their children as a gift from God and as their future helpers and leaders.

("Take care of me today and I will help you tomorrow") During this occasion our staff members lecture parents on their role and responsibilities towards their children upbringing.

At the start of January 2009 we handed over more than 500 assorted pieces of baby and children dresses to Anfaani Children's Home Tamale for them to take care of the orphans under their care.

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