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picture_9s (22K)"Many people around the world who could have contributed towards positive change initiated by social entrepreneurs believe that making a donation to charitable work undertaken by an NGO like PAORP-VWC, which will bring about social change in rural communities, is reserved for big companies and very rich person found around the world. This idea is not true because with as little as 10, $10 or 10 you can add your voice and name towards a major course of action undertaken by a social entrepreneur."

Please make it happen now by making a donation towards our work and you will see how powerful your little contribution has impacted on the livelihood of the poorest of the poor in Ghana and Cameroon where we are presently carrying out social change projects.

Please kindly look through some of our present and future activities and donate directly using our bank details listed below.

We are very grateful to the following donors and persons who have shown interest in supporting some of our activities.

  • The World Day of Prayers, German Committee, who are supporting our work geared towards the emancipation and empowerment of Queen Mothers and Chiefs' Wives in Northern Ghana.
  • Global Fund for Women USA who are interested to fund our project to improve basic education for girls in Northern Ghana.
  • Ms. Marina Klimi owner of Pandora Web Box Greece for building and hosting our website for free.
  • website for allowing us to fundraise some projects funds using their powerful fundraising tools. Check out the following: and
  • Ms Stacy Bergstein of USA for donating a latest model HP Laptop for our field work and dresses for orphan children supported by PAORP-VWC in Northern Ghana.
  • Tools for Self Reliance UK for approving a collaboration agreement with us to set up a Youth Vocational Training Centre in Bolgatanga Upper East Region Ghana

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The second phase of PAORP-VWC project meant at averting the negative impact of desertification in Northern Ghana has again been support with more funding from New England Biolabs Foundation USA. It should be noted that in 2011 PAORP-VWC was working with four communities in Northern Ghana, encouraging charcoal burners to accept alternative source of energy to safe rapid degradation of forest and its ecosystem. More than 5000 trees were planted during the first phase of the project. This year grant amount is 8500USD to be used for a period of 12 months.

The second phase of the project will see PAORP-VWC expand their activities to additional four communities note or charcoal burning etc. Most women and farmers including commercial buyers of charcoal are targeted with the hope of urging them to adopt the use of alternative sources of energy including solar, LPG, Rice and kernel dust for heating and cooking. PAORP-VWC plan is also to support the women with Micro-Credit for them to go into other avenue of business apart from Charcoal selling.

This year PAORP will collaborate with Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana, Community stakeholders, women and youth groups etc to see into the success of this project.

"OUR ENVIRONMENT.... A WAR WE MUST WIN" is our slogan for this project.

One of the successful strategies to be used during training sessions by PAORP field facilitators will be to highly encourage participants to 'Plant a tree for your name and family' because once community members adopt the spirit to plan a tree for a special day in their lives and that of their families this type of trees planted will hardly be cut down; therefore they are highly protected because if such a tree is cut down it means cutting down someone's life etc. Our adoption of this type of training module stem from the fact that majority of the women and farming population we are working with in Northern Ghana are illiterates and a lot of them who went to school did not even attain very high levels of education; this account for one of the reason why they have very little knowledge on ways and strategies to initiate environmental friendly activities. This high illiteracy rate has also seriously limited participation of women in the economic development of the region thereby forcing them to depend on the forest for their daily subsistence.

We are also appreciative with the contributions made by our Board members and those who don't want us to mention their names publicly.

We look forward to receiving YOU as our new donor partner for us to emancipate and empower Women and Children within our target communities.

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Bank Account

Bank Name: Barclays Bank of Ghana Ltd

Branch Name: Tamale Branch

P O Box 116 Tamale Northern Region Ghana.

Account Name: Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children.

Account Number: 33/1119997


You can also contribute in kind by donating computers, used vehicles which are still in good state for our field and office work in Ghana and Cameroon, books for our Youth Vocational Training Centre in Bolgatanga and any special item which will be used to facilitate our work on the ground.

You can also volunteer for us as your contribution towards our work. Contact us suing our email if you are interested to make donations in kind.