Social Change

picture_5s (28K)In August 2008, the organisation was consulted to implement training on "Social Change" to local NGO partners benefiting from grants from the American Jewish World Service.

This training took place on the 22-23 August at Bigiza Hotel Tamale with 25 participants coming in all over the national territory of Ghana.

The main purpose of the training was to pass over to local development workers modern tools in managing "Social Change" within their various NGOs and projects in Ghana.

Participants after the training session were able to determine if the Change Projects they are implementing at their various levels had any impact on the livelihood of their immediate beneficiaries. This will helped to awaken them to plan good and sustainable projects in the future.

Conflict Management

picture_6s (28K)This training took place in the communities of Savulugu/Naton District meant at promoting peace and co-existence among the various villages prune to chieftaincy and land disputes. The training paves way for dialogue and the need for peace and co-existence among people of different tribes.

Community participants were made to understand the need for peace and that instead of going into tribal conflicts, negotiation and the love for one another is very important because the land they keep on fighting for will never go away but people's lives will be lost causing untold misery to their various families.

Advocacy and human Rights

picture_7s (32K) Peace Promotion in Ghana 2008 Elections: From July to August 2008, a Peace Promotion project aimed at promoting peace before, during and after the upcoming Presidential and Legislative elections in Ghana was design with series of meetings held with local politicians, Policy makers, traditional Authorities, women group leaders, youth group leaders and other opinion leaders.

This program which has helped to encourage series of peace march within Ghana at this election period is aimed at reducing any social unrest that may degenerate into violence putting the lives of women and children at risk. Among the violent cases reported in recent times is political violence. With fresh lessons of post election violence learnt from other African countries including Kenya and Zimbabwe, it has sounded a warning bell in our minds that a lot of peace campaigns need to be constantly organised across African Countries preparing to hold political elections.

The bitter lessons from the two African countries cited above has left darker memories in our minds how poor women and children were internally displaced and their property looted while some of them suffered all sort of abuse including rape. Peace is very necessary because the absence of peace is the absence of investment and development being carried out by both governmental, privates businesses and non governmental institutions in the country.

Awareness Creation on the plight of street children

picture_3s (46K) This is an on-going project with the aim of withdrawing these children from the street to see how they can continue with their education or learning a trade that will help sustain their lives when they are mature. We have identify many of these children and hold series of educative talks with them and community leaders to encourage parents to take up the responsibility of educating their children especially the girl child who is highly neglected because of the cultural practices meant at preparing them for early marriages. Most of these children are on the street begging alongside their blind parents and the authorities seem not to bother about their plight and wellbeing. On the 20th-23rd Dec 2008 we will be handing over Christmas gifts to some of these children donated by one of our well-wisher from the USA to enable them enjoy this end of year feast like other children around the world. This occasion will be used to continue to awaken the society on the plight of these children. "Allowing streetism to continue unchecked by the authorities constitutes violence against children".

Disaster management and Early Warning

Heavy rains in the Northern part of Ghana from July to September each year has constantly brought in much suffering to the lives of women and children. This year staff members of PAORP-VWC were dispatched to the various villages constantly witnessing flooding year round to prepare their minds on what to do before the disaster hits again. With early warning advice passed over to community members the death rate and lost of property witness in the past has been reduced.