Trent University of Canada Students on Intenship with PAORP-VWC Ghana

P1250177 (11K)Ms. Shonagh Kilcline and Ms. Petrina Hinkel are students from the Trent University of Canada presently on Internship with PAORP-VWC Ghana. Their placement starts this January and will run through April 2010. These students are part of an eight month program run by the Institute of African Studies, the University of Ghana in partnership with Trent University in Canada. Under this program there are two components. The first focuses on formal lectures and field work in Ghana while the second involves a twelve week practical placement with and organisation or institution working in development.

P1250178 (9K)While on placement with PAORP-VWC Ghana, they will be involve in research on Development Aid, NGO work and Poverty Reduction within the three Northern Regions of Ghana. They will move into the field with researchers of PAORP-VWC gathering data and other important information on the impact brought about by development aid and NGO work towards the improvement of the livelihood of rural population especially women and children. Read more on this on our Current Event page of our website http://www.panafrican-paorp.org

While on placement with us, the students are provided the time and space to engage in their own studies while at the same time engaged in productive work with the organisation that will help improve on their studies and future career.

More volunteers are still needed into various programs run by the organisation. Download our application on this website and send to us. We are here to help in the emancipation and empowerment of women and children in Africa. We are community service volunteers, people for progress.

P7250481 (37K)Are you interested in researching on violence on women accused of Witchcraft in Ghana, Africa?

Are you an expirence researcher on human right issues or a student wanting to develope your potentials in developing countries?

Are you ready to spend as from 3 months upward to acquire the skills needed in your career?

Do you love to see other cultural activities, tourist sites and learn about African minds and atmosphere?

Are you ready to fundraise in advance a minimum contribution of £550 to support any of our human rights projects of your choice? If you have answered yes then we are in Ghana for you and will make your volunteering expirence exciting.

We intervene in development issues where other organisations will not dare because of the complexity of the situation. We are the path finder for the emancipation and empowerment of women and children in Africa. We welcome volunteers from any country around the world provided you are able to speak English as the working language. We will arrange accommodation for you as an individaul or a couple. we will pick you up at the Airport in Accra upon arrival. We will take care of your personal security during your stay. We will introduce you to your country Diplomatic Mission or Embassy in Ghana for them to be aware of your present in the country. Your placement is completely free.

How to Apply

Download the application form here.

Send your completed application form to following address.:

Ms. Abukari Humu Hani

The Country Representative, Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children

P O Box 1581 TL

Tamale, Northern Region Ghana

Tel: +233 247280003 / 7193350

Email: paorp.vwc@gmail.com

Projected living cost to be incurred by Volunteers interested to work with PAORP-VWC Ghana Country Office for 2009/2010


AccommodationCosting b/w
Apartment House with good facilities$100-300 per month
Single Bedroom with a toilet and Kitchen$75-150 per month
Shared accommodation with basic facilities$50-100 per month.
Host family accommodation with basic facilities$50-100 per month.
Hotel$20- 45 per night.


For a day a volunteer may approximately spend the following amount for food and drink

Food$2-5 depending on the eating habit of the volunteer.
Drink$2-5 depending on the drinking habit of the volunteer.


Some volunteers may like the following means of transportation for the period of their stay.

(This support movement to work at the office and around town. Not good for movement to far off villages)
Motor Bike
(good for movement to the office and field work provided volunteer can ride perfectly) not good for movement to other cities. )
Public Transportation
(This is a projection and may reduce or increase depending on where a volunteer may want to travel during off days to visit some tourist sites within Ghana)
$40-75 per month